Disconnect (ed) – Redux: The Great Calaveras Marjority – Whose Interests Does Calaveras County Serve?

In early May 2014, FreeTri-Tip Dinner published “Disconnect – Whose Issues Are We Talking About?” In this piece we presented a lot of statistics that pretty much proved that people over age 55 are a clear majority of the votes cast in Calaveras elections. At the end we wondered aloud whether the Supervisorial candidates’ platform and policy priorities would reflect this insight. The answer was, generally, not so much. None of the candidates except 3rd District candidate Michael Olivera specifically mentioned “senior citizens” in any policy-related manner, and this, like almost all of Mr. Olivera’s published policy ideas, was not burdened with specifics.

After the election results came in later that year, and two new faces joined a Board that already had three new faces from the previous election, we resolved to watch the policy priorities of the Board through this filter. After all, it would make sense that if one age group casts three-quarters of the votes, that age group might reasonably expect to have its voice heard and its concerns addressed. But what are those concerns? Is there a ‘senior agenda’ and if so, what would it be?

We’ll re-visit this issue in three parts.  Part One will update the statistics with information from the most recent elections, and answer three questions: first, what is the age distribution of the entire population of Calaveras County? Second, what is the age distribution of the registered voters and, finally, what is the age distribution of the people who actually vote?

As in the first piece, we will find that in all three groups, population, registered voters, and actual voters, the age distribution is significantly older here than the State average. New this time, in Part 1 we’ll also look at some other statistics from the Census bureau that show what other politically important characteristics this population has in common.

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2 thoughts on “Disconnect (ed) – Redux: The Great Calaveras Marjority – Whose Interests Does Calaveras County Serve?”

  1. Ward you do an exceptional job. I am vitally interested in what you are observing. As a newcomer- we have only lived here in Rail Road Flat for 20 years, I have observed that our politics in Calaveras County mirror the ageing process. The older our residents get, the less likely we are able or willing – to consider the complexity of the management of the county. We are getting crochety and weary. So there is less tolerance for the attention that is required to get into the nitty gritty and how that nitty gritty will play out. There is an unwaivering, but understandable- knee jerk reaction to protect the main things we are concerned about. Safety, Property Values and Tax Increases – as you pointed out in your great post. I fear this growing older process creates a bias towards preferring simple answers for complex problems. The complex problems we face seem to be disrespected by the current BOS voting block of Olievera, Edson and Kearney. These guys seem to be working from the Conservative script. “Jobs” at any cost. We need a nimbleness, creativity and flexibility. But those qualities don’t seem to be honored as much as short sided “traditional” thinking.
    Anyway, keep up the great work Ward. I appreciate your viewpoint of looking from the outside in and then looking at the inside out.

    1. Wow, what a thoughtful response; you bring up stuff I hadn’t thought about. Thank you very much — I’d become so used to pithy one-word responses from you I feel honored! 🙂 Like you I am also a newcomer – only lived here about 24 years! Let me digest your thoughts and get back to you — thanks again!

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